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Cable Boxes - Left Column

The undisputed most annoying LED light comes from your cable or dvr box. DiMMYS can be applied to many electronic devices, but we would be lying if we said we didn’t pay special attention to cable boxes when we selected our materials and sizes. DiMMYS are made from a vinyl material that uses static electricity to cling to most smooth surfaces. The benefit to this approach is two-fold: not only is there absolutely no sticky residue whatsoever, but you can also use and re-use DiMMYS as many times as you’d like. It’s effortless to put a DiMMY on at night to block out that pesky cable box clock, and then take it off in the morning. You can also use Tinted Dimmys to dim cable box lights and leave it on for as long as you’d like. And don’t worry, DiMMYS won’t interfere with your remote control.

The largest cable providers are Comcast, Verizon Fios (not technically cable), Time Warner, Charter Communications, Cox Communications and Cablevision. Since those companies have the greatest number of subscribers we reviewed their various models of cable and dvr boxes to make sure that Dimmys would cover their displays. We reviewed the following models:

Comcast Cable Boxes

Motorola DCH3416, Motorola DCH6416, Motorola DCT3400, Motorola DCT6208, Motorola DCT6412, Pace TDC757D, Motorola DCX3400, Motorola DCT1800, Motorola DCT2000, Motorola DCT2500, Motorola DCH70, Motorola DCH100, Motorola DCH3200, Motorola DCH6200, Motorola DCT5100, Motorola DCT6200, Scientific Atlanta 4250, Scientific Atlanta 8300, Cisco RNG150, Cisco RNG150N, Cisco RNG200, Cisco RNG200N

Time Warner Cable Boxes

Moxi, Cisco Explorer 4640HDC, Cisco Explorer 8640HDC, Cisco Explorer 8642HDC, Cisco Explorer 4642HDC, Motorola DCT2500, Motorola DCX3200M, Motorola DCT2000, Motorola DCT6200, Motorola DCT6412, Motorola DCX3400M, Motorola DCH3416, Motorola DCH6416, Motorola DCT6208, Motorola DCH100, Motorola DCT700, Samsung 3050HD, Samsung SMT-H3262, Samsung SMT-H3272, Samsung SMT-H3260, Samsung SMT-H3270, Samsung 3090HD, DVR Explorer 2000/2010, Explorer 2100/3100, Explorer 2200/3200/3250, Explorer 3100HD, Explorer 4240HDC/4250HDC, Explorer 8000/8000HD DVR, Explorer 8300/8300HD DVR, Explorer 8240HDC/8300HDC DVR, Explorer 3000 Explorer 3250HD, Pace DC-550HD, Pace DC-510, Pace DC-551P Pioneer BD-V1000, Pioneer BD-V3000, Pioneer BD-V3500HD/BD-V3510HD

Verizon Fios

Motorola 7232-P2, Cisco CHS 435HDC, Motorola 7216, Motorola 6416, Motorola 2708, Cisco CHS 335HDC, Motorola 7100-P2, Motorola 7100-P1, Motorola 6200, Motorola 2500

Charter Communications

Motorola DCT 2000 / DCT 2200 series, Motorola DCT 700, Motorola DCT 2500, Motorola DCH 200, Motorola DCT 2524, Motorola DCT 1000, Motorola DCP 501, Motorola DCT 1700, Motorola DSR 470, Motorola DCT 6200, Motorola DCX 3200 Phase 2, Motorola DCX 3200, Motorola DCT 5100, Motorola DCT 6208, Motorola DCH 3200, Motorola DCT 2000 / DCT 2200 series, Motorola DCH 6416, Motorola DCX 3501, Motorola DCX 3400 / DCX3425, Motorola DCT 6412, Motorola DCX 3510-M, Explorer 2000/3000, Explorer 2100/3100, Explorer 3200/3250, Explorer 1840, Explorer 4200/4250, Explorer 4650, Explorer 4250, Explorer 8000, Explorer 8240, Explorer 8300, Explorer 8640, Moxi 3012, Moxi Mate

Cox Communications

Explorer 8642 HD DVR, Explorer 4642 HD, Explorer 8240, Explorer 8240 HD, Explorer 8300, Explorer 8300 HD, Explorer 4240 and 4250, Explorer 2000 and 3000, Explorer 2100 and 3100, Explorer 2200 and 3200, Explorer 8000, Explorer 8000 HD


Scientific Atlanta 4200HD, Scientific Atlanta 4250HD, Scientific Atlanta 8300HD, Samsung HD (SMT-C5320)